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Lake Superior Rose Society


The Lake Superior Rose Society began in 1996. Our group activities include:  the annual Holiday banquet in January; April wholesale plant orders; an annual Rose Show and Rose Fest on a mid-July Saturday, monthly meetings that include educational briefs by LSRS Consulting Rosarians and programs relating to rose growing. Members share information through personal anecdotes and offer their gardens for tours.   In 2004, the Lake Superior Rose Society hosted the American Rose Society, North Central District Rose Show. 

The members of the Lake Superior Rose Society also serve the community through education and outreach by volunteering time in the Leif Erikson Rose Garden (LERG). These tasks include raising the roses in April, deadheading the spent blooms during the summer months, and helping in the final pruning and winterizing of the roses in October using the Minnesota Tip method.              

 Meet new people and enjoy learning more about roses. For more information, contact a Society officer


Next up:   

The special ROSE ORDER meeting is rescheduled to July 15 at 6:30 pm, and will take place via Zoom.   To participate via Zoom, send a message to to receive the meeting ID and password.  Your 2020 Society dues must be current to order roses with LSRS.

Members are being sent a rose availability list in advance of July 15.

Because Valentini's on London Road is closed due to COVID-19, we  will hold meetings via Zoom unless another venue becomes available.  

Next up (Previously scheduled): 

Rose Show at Valentini's     July 11:   Cancelled

Rose Fest, Leif Erikson Rose Garden, July 11: Cancelled  


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