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Lake Superior Rose Society



Sat. 5/27 8:00 AM DGFS Plant Sale Bring your plants, labeled and pre-priced, to the Leif Erikson Rose Garden parking lot before 8:00 a.m. to sell at our annual fundraiser. Besides plants, gardening equipment sells well. Roses in containers, perennials and annuals are popular. Your... more
Mon. 6/5 4:00 PM Deadheading at the Rose Garden

Come help us remove spent blooms from tthe roses at Leif Erikson Rose Garden.

When the first flush of flowering has passed, dates and times for removing the "deadheads" will be announced.

Fri. 7/14 5:00 PM Set up Rose Show

Prepare for Saturdays Rose Show: fill vases, arrange tables, and accept early flower entries

Tentatively 5-9 pm

Sat. 7/15 7:00 AM Rose Show at Valentini's

Enter Roses 7 to 9:30 am

Judging 9:30 to noon

Open to the public noon to 3 pm.

Show the world what beautiful roses we can grow in our northern climate.

Enter your most fragrant rose in a special fragrance contest.


10:00 AM Rose Fest at Leif Erikson Rose Garden Take a tour of the Leif Erikson Rose Garden, get the inside information about this award-winning garden built over the freeway tunnel Learn how to plant a rose, care for it in summer and protect it in winter. Learn to grow roses in containers, and ... more
4:00 PM Picnic at Jean & Tom Roi's

After the Rose Fest and Rose Show, enjoy a picnic at the home of Tome and Jean Roi.

RSVP at 218-525-4794 by July 6.

Wed. 9/20 6:30 PM LSRS Meeting: Round table on garden performance in 2017, Roses in Review The September meeting will feature program by the members themselves, as we present our observations of which roses did well for us or in gardens we observed. Share your review of your newer roses in Roses in Review to form numerical ratings for oth... more
Wed. 10/18 6:30 PM LSRS Meeting: Growing Roses a Healthier Way by Carol Borich The October LSRS meeting will include a program, "Growing Roses a Healthier Way, least toxic alternatives" by Carol Borich 2018 Offices will be elected as needed. Your help is needed to tip the roses at LERG this month. The dates will be ann... more
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