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Lake Superior Rose Society


  The 2017 Lake Superior Rose Society ShowBook features something familiar, and something new!

  Familiar to past exhibitors will be roses in bowls, and roses in picture frames in the Challenge Class.  The popular Fragrance Challenge is back, and visitors will have an opportunity to join the fun with a "People's Choice" vote on the most fragrant rose.

  What IS new is the addition of Juniors to the Novices class in Horticulture Specimen division.  The Lake Superior Rose Society encourages Juniors, or entrants 17 years old or younger, to participate in growing and showing roses  While this show has long had a Novice Class, please note that both Novices and Juniors may enter the open classes as well as the classes in the Novice-Junior Section.  Novices and Juniors will have Section B, Class 13 all to themselves.  Likewise, in the Arrangement division, only Novices and Juniors may enter in Section C, the Novice and Junior Arrangements Class 7: "Double Trouble." We welcome their entries!

Click here for the 2017 Rose Show Booklet "Rhapsody of Roses"